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Hiatus [Feb. 1st, 2013|08:50 pm]
Winter is still on hiatus. It looks as though the days will be in the mid-sixties all week, and there's no rain in sight. We were way ahead on snow pack at the end of December, but now we are falling behind. A dry winter and spring mean water shortages and an increased likelihood of wildfires in summer. I'm really hoping the rain comes back fairly soon. I'd even welcome a serious cold spell if it brought snow to the mountains. In the meantime, I'll probably save a bit on my utility bill, but that's no help if the price of water has to go up next summer due to shortages.

This afternoon I saw a jackrabbit run down my street. I think that's only the third of fourth jackrabbit I've ever seen on this block. They used to show up in the fields to the east now and then, but too many houses have been built over there and the rabbits avoid the area now. Raccoons and squirrels and skunks are commonplace, and I can count on seeing deer fairly often, but jackrabbits are a rarity. It's too bad, because their brief appearances are fun to watch. I like the way they leap and dodge. Maybe they show up more often than I think, and I just miss seeing them because they appear silently, and vanish in just a few seconds.

I'm going to be having a very late dinner again tonight because I got distracted by the Internets. Every time I think I'm just about done looking at it because I've surely seen almost all of it, more stuff shows up. Sometimes I wish the Internets would go on hiatus.