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Well I'll be Damped [Jan. 25th, 2013|09:15 pm]
Another damp day, but the clouds are thin enough tonight to occasionally reveal the moon. It's almost full, and decorating the tattery clouds its light will make the sky a pleasant sight. So far the night is not too cold, but the chaise lounge is a bit soggy so I won't be lying down to take in the view. I suppose I could drape the lounge with plastic garbage bags and then a blanket, but the blanket would probably get dirty and I don't want to put any more strain on my aging washing machine and drier than I must. That's why I haven't recently laundered the cloths that cover the couch and chairs in the living room, even though they have gathered quite a bit of cat hair.

But I digress. The damp has been around long enough that the air has taken on a musty smell, probably from the decaying leaves under the shrubbery. Well, some of the smell might be from wet feral cat droppings, but I won't dwell on that— especially since I haven't had dinner yet. I got distracted by a series of movies on television, and became so engrossed that I completely forgot about cooking anything. Fortunately I have leftovers which won't take too long to prepare. With luck I'll be out watching the moonlight not long after ten o'clock. Unless another movie comes on, of course.

More sogginess tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, but probably not much actual rain. Intermittent drizzle soon grows monotonous. I'd like a nice downpour or two before this storm departs, but I probably won't get one. Ah, well. The rainy season usually lasts at least into March, so there's time yet.