rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Damp It All

Something wet has been coming out of the sky for several hours, but there wasn't enough of it to call it rain until a few minutes ago, and even now it's only a light sprinkle. Still, the afternoon of mist was sufficient to turn the asphalt dark and shiny, and bright drops of water eventually accumulated on the mulberry tree's bare twigs and at the tips of the leaves of the shrubs. I can barely see them now because the light has mostly gone out of the sky.

The early dusk is thanks to the thickness of the clouds, now so dense that they appear more like a high fog. I wish they would settle earthward and be a real fog. There hasn't been real fog here in ages. The rain, such as it is, is nice, but fog would be nicer. We probably won't get any, though.

What I did get was an LJ spam comment in French. That's the first French spam I can recall ever getting. It wasn't for anything exotic, though; just the usual woodie pills. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't for tinned fois gras or brie. Not that I'd have bought any, but it would be nice to think my spammers think I'm a bon vivant rather than just another chronically flaccid net nerd.

Speaking of purchases, I need filters for my Brita pitcher, but nobody has any on sale cheap. I'll be annoyed if I have to chose between paying full price or drinking unfiltered water that reeks of chlorine.

It smells like my sweet potato is almost done baking.

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