rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day After Day

So I spoiled my dinner with chipotle barbeque flavor Doritos late this afternoon. I guess I can count the sour cream I had on them as protein, and the avocado I had with them as a salad, and say that they were dinner, and just save the macaroni and cheese for tomorrow. It would be easier than making the macaroni at ten o'clock tonight, which is when I'll probably be getting hungry. I'm going to blame the pleasant weather for this disruption. The afternoon was warmer than expected, and I became energetic and pulled up some weedy plants that were choking the front yard faucet, That's why I got hungry and ate the Doritos. I might end up eating more tomorrow, as the unexpectedly nice weather is expected to continue.

It won't be good if the unexpectedly nice weather gets too nice. The plants could think that spring was here and start blooming, and then get nipped when winter inevitably returns. So far it doesn't look as though it will be getting much above sixty degrees, though, so the plants might be safe as along as the niceness doesn't go on for too long. If the forecast is correct, it will be cooling off again by Monday— but then the forecast yesterday said that it was supposed to be cooling off today, and that didn't happen. If there's a heat wave next week I'll be quite displeased with the weather service. On the other hand, I'll be happy not to be burning so much gas for heat.

The sunny days are nice, but I expect I'll be missing the overcast before long. The sun moving across the sky makes time so relentless. It's easier to ignore the passage of a gray day, until late afternoon at least. It's more like a night, which can seem timeless when the moon sets early or rises late. That's probably one of the reasons I always liked being nocturnal. There's usually not a big, nagging orb in the sky reminding me of how little I've gotten done. Even when the moon is there, it isn't as intense as the sun and is thus less of a scold. Gee, I miss being nocturnal.

Speaking of which, here's Duke Ellington's 1934 recording of Moonglow. Now I'm going out to look at the actual thing.

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