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NIce [Jan. 16th, 2013|10:20 pm]
Today was the first time in several days that the garden hoses warmed up enough to be easy to uncoil. It never quite got balmy, but the merely cool afternoon was a nice break from the recent chill. It's still above fifty degrees outside right now, and I was able to watch Orion for a while, since I didn't need to have my hoodie up (the hoodie often falls off my head when I look up. It might be too big.) It's going to cool off again tomorrow, but there are to be no more freezing nights this week.

A breeze came up this evening and is still blowing now, but it isn't cold. It's coming down from the desert, and the air might even be a bit warmer now than it was two hours ago. I even went outside to let my hair dry after my shower. Neither my ears nor my toes got numb. A day like this every week would do a lot to make winter more enjoyable. Now I'm going to enjoy what's left of the enjoyable night— if the sound of the breeze doesn't lull me to sleep. But then I'd probably enjoy that, too.