rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I just wrote a somewhat rantish entry about how high my utility bill was this month, and what the consequences were apt to be, but it was too dismal so I made it private. Suffice to say that freezing my arse off for the last couple of months didn't save me any money, because even with the thermostat lowered I ended up paying way more for gas this month than I did last year. Maybe I shouldn't have skipped having the furnace tuned up. It might be getting less efficient due to accumulation of combustion-related schmutz. What I really need is to live in a place that doesn't get so damned cold in the winter.

Today was slightly less damned cold than yesterday, thankfully, and tomorrow will be a bit less damned cold than today was, but the gas is already burned and now I have to fill a thirty dollar hole in my budget. I just hope February and early March aren't as cold as late December and January have been. They usually are in this place. I am probably screwed, with an icy screw.

Anyway, spent all my time writing something I'm not posting, so short entry here. Time to go watch television while I can still afford cable.

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