rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The caffeine isn't working. Maybe tea doesn't have enough. The only coffee I have on hand is decaf, though, so maybe I should make a second cup of tea. The afternoon sun through my window is making me drowsy, and the pillowy white clouds aren't helping. I'm so sleepy that the scene is making me imagine that it is a warm day, even though the only thing that keeps me from shivering is the big bundle of clothing I'm wearing. Maybe if Portia would stop purring I'd wake up a bit more. A purring cat is so relaxing.

If I go to sleep at this hour, I'll sleep through my dinner time and wake up in the dark, wondering if it was early or late. I would also miss the sunset, which promises to be colorful with all the ice crystals those clouds must be carrying. Yes, more tea.

More tea. No cookies, because it's too close to dinner. In lieu of cookies, I'm listening to Foo Fighters on YouTube. If that can't keep me awake, nothing can.

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