rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Last night I came down with insomnia that lasted until almost dawn, and then woke up this morning after having about three hours of sleep. I managed to stay awake through my late afternoon appointment with the chiropractor, but crashed almost as soon as I got home and slept for another three hours. Now it's dinner time and I feel like eating breakfast. That's going to throw off my meal schedule for the whole week. I hope the pancakes make up for that.

Because I was groggy all day, I didn't get around to trimming those aggressive plants in the front yard. I might have time tomorrow before the storm arrives. I'd rather have gotten it done today while the weather was fairly mild. The approaching storm is going to be very cold, and there could be snow overnight Wednesday, though probably not too much. The feral cats' water bowls will most likely get frozen over every night for the next week. I'm putting some blanketish material in the cupboards on the back porch, so the kitties will have a place to sleep that is, if not actually cozy, at least sheltered from the icy north wind we'll be getting. If the wind takes out the electricity, the cats will probably be about as comfortable as I'll be in the house.

Later: This shows how dopey I get when my sleep is disrupted. I wrote this entry over an hour ago and forgot to post it. But the pancakes did make up for the dinner schedule disruption. Now all I have to do is avoid going to sleep again for a couple of hours. It is unwise to sleep when full of pancakes.

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