rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

With Cream

Ah, my first unintentional afternoon nap of the year. That's what I get for trying to stay warm under blankets while reading. Blankets=sleep, apparently. I didn't even get through the first paragraph before I went unconscious. I have no clear memory of my dreams, but I think they must have been pleasant, as I woke feeling pleased. Maybe I was dreaming about lazing on some warm, tropical beach. Maybe I was dreaming that my utility bill had gone down. Maybe I was dreaming about gingerbread. If it was the latter, then the dream will come true after dinner. There's still enough gingerbread to last through Friday, or maybe even Saturday. I hope I don't run out of whipped cream before then.

The day was actually not as cold as January days often are, but it was breezy again, so going outside meant that my cold pants would slap against my legs, and I find that unpleasant. It's like being licked by zombie dogs with huge, icy tongues (I imagine.) It's just as well I took the nap, I suppose. I'm sorry to have missed the bright afternoon sun, though.

The new year began with the moon just past full, so it will be waning for the next several nights. Tonight there will be a bit less than three quarters of its disc visible. It will waste away to nothing on the 11th, and the first full moon of the year won't arrive until the 26th. I always look forward to the first full moon of the year, and it seems strange to have to wait so long for it. Still, it means that the first full moon will be that much closer to spring, so maybe celebrating its arrival then it will make the winter seem shorter.

I'm also eagerly anticipating the first scent of spurge laurel. Will it come as early as February this year, or will it arrive in March? As long as it isn't delayed until April! For now I'm making do with the scent of the pines, which seems unusually strong this year. Maybe the breezes are bringing it from all the young trees that must be sprouting on the mountainsides that got burned by wildfires over the last few years. Wherever it's coming from, its nice. I wish we'd have a day warm enough that I could leave the windows open for a few hours and catch some of it for the house.

At least I can still make the house smell like gingerbread. The microwave is a multi-tasker.

More Ginger Baker and Cream!

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