rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ginger Baker

All I can say is that the first day of the year really blew. It found old leaves hiding under bushes where I never got around to raking and it blew them all over the yard and into the garage, The wind never got very hard, but it was blowing almost constantly. It will probably blow all night. The yard is messy again, but the cats had a great time chasing the dislodged leaves. Hey, it's cheaper than buying them cat toys.

The New Year gingerbread turned out well, even though it was only a Betty Crocker mix. I remember the Dromedary mix being better, but I guess I was lucky to find even what I did. I nibbled at it all day, and of course spoiled my dinner. But it turns out that gingerbread goes surprisingly well with dark beer, so maybe I don't really need any dinner. Gingerbread does have egg in it, after all, so there's my protein. The yeast in the beer will have to serve as a vegetable. Yes, it counts!

I'm disappointed that we didn't go over the fiscal cliff. It was a great opportunity, and now it looks to me like Obama traded away most of the store for little more than cheap milk. I'm not a good poker player, but I'd love to play a few hands against him. All I'd have to do is pretend to be a Republican and I'd end up as rich as one. I could end up on television, too, as I could go to Las Vegas to sell the valuable White House artifacts I'd win from the President at that pawn shop where they make that show. I wonder what Rick would give me for, say, a nice porcelain vase from the Lincoln bedroom— maybe even one that Clinton took a leak in?

Time for more gingerbread. And beer.

Ginger Baker!

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