rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I got gingerbread mix! There will be gingerbread! At my age, that's the next best thing to butterscotch.

But I keep forgetting that today is New Year's Eve Day. I haven't even planned what my last meal of 2012 is going to be. As I have no mechanical noisemakers to use at midnight, beans might be the best choice, but I had beans last night and now I feel more like having pasta. Maybe I should make pasta fazool.

The weather web site says we will have some variety over the next week; some days will be clear in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon, and others will be cloudy in the morning and clear in the afternoon. They will all be cold. Welcome to January.

I'm not going to do any sort of retrospective for my last post of the year, mainly because I can't remember most of what happened. I suppose I could read my journal to find out, but I'm afraid that it would just leave me depressed.

New neighbors are moving into the house next door. I don't think there are any kids, and I haven't seen a dog. That means they might be a quiet lot, which would be nice. The illustration on the side of their U-Haul truck touts Rhode Island. It has a big drawing of a stone building in ruins, a smaller gray silhouette of that recognizable skyscraper in Providence, a drawing of a seagull about half life-size, and a small drawing of what looks like a shallow-domed water tank on top of a circle of Romanesque arches. It does not arouse in me any urgent desire to stick all my stuff into a U-Haul truck and move there.

Here's hoping everybody has a para-sail ready for going over the fiscal cliff with. Happy New Year.

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