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Gray [Dec. 28th, 2012|03:03 pm]
There will be no sunshine today, and though no visible rain has fallen from the gray sky, the ground is turning wet, as though the earth had broken out in a cold sweat. There must be a very fine mist in the air, though there's nothing I can feel on my skin. I wouldn't mind an actual mist that I could feel, but a nice fog would be better. A fg thick enough to hide all these depressing little houses from my sight would be best, but we're more likely to get snow than fog, and snow just makes the depressing little houses look colder.

This house is cold. I need a shower, but I'll have to warm the place up first. The shower will be hot, of course, but I hate drying off in a chilly room. I wish I had radiant floor heat in the bathroom. Portia would like it, too. If I left it on, she'd probably spend all her time in there. It would be too costly to leave on all the time, though, so the cat would be out of luck. She'd probably find a way to make me feel guilty about it, too.

Speaking of cats, one of the feral kitties has been sneezing today. She might have a cold. I'd let her come into the house and warm up, but she would surely fight with Portia. She doesn't seem sick enough to just mind her own business and sleep, and even if she was I'm not sure I could trust Portia not to take advantage of the other cat's weakened condition and attack her.

And speaking of feral cats, a thuggish feral tom I call Tonton Macat has been hanging around, eating all the food I put out for the other kitties. I've tried running him off, but he has insufficient fear of humans, so he just waits until I've gone indoors and then he returns to devour everything. He's like a feline raccoon, and he's getting as fat as a raccoon on all his cadged meals. I can't stay outside and fend him off all the time in this cold weather, but when spring comes around Tonton had better watch his tail.

So Sunday will be my last shopping day of 2012. I was expecting at least one store to have Guinness stout on sale, but none do. The black lager is the only Guinness that the stores sold cheap this year. I've still got a six pack of it, and there's no money for full-priced stout, so I guess it will have to do for New Year's Eve. The black lager is good, but I'll miss the traditional bottle of stout I've had at midnight every year since I moved here.

The sky appears to be getting even grayer, but there's still rain or snow falling. It gives me a chill just looking out the window at that cold day. I'm going to turn the thermostat up and take that shower now.