rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Let There Be Light

It has been another soggy day. I had to wait four hours to bring in the wheelie bins so I wouldn't get soaked. The rain has finally let up, and at the moment it looks as though we might get a bit of sunshine before night falls. The clouds have grown very bright in the southwest, and the pendant drops of water on the mulberry tree's twigs are gleaming.

I wonder if we will get another thunderstorm? They often appear as the cold front passes through. A sudden thunder clap right now would probably scatter the dozen or so small birds who have come to peck at my front lawn. That would be an interesting sight. Of course, the sudden appearance of a cat could accomplish the same end without exposing my computer to the risk of a power surge. I think I'd prefer the cat to the thunder.

There could be more snow later this week, but if any falls it will probably get washed away when the day warms up and the snow turns to rain again. Nights will be freezing for the rest of the week, but the days will be getting into the high forties or low fifties. You can't keep snow on the ground with those conditions. For all I know, there could have been snow early this morning that washed away before I woke up at eight o'clock. I always miss seeing early morning snow these days.

Ah, here comes the sun. I haven't seen a lot of that lately, either. I'm going to go outside to get a reminder of what it feels like. Heaven knows how long it will have to last me.

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