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Not Yet [Dec. 20th, 2012|04:08 pm]
After intermittent sunshine for much of the day, the sky has gone very gray. I expect the snow to begin any time now. Before the clouds thickened, there was a period of wind, but the air has turned still now. I probably have enough time to bake some macaroni and cheese before there is any risk of losing the electricity. If the storm is as bad as expected, it might be my last oven-baked meal for several days.

Last night, I cooked one of the last two frozen entrées I had in my freezer, and had a baked potato with it. Lemon herb tilapia. Tasty. Losing electricity from a heavy snow storm isn't such a big problem as far as frozen foods are concerned, though, as I can always take frozen stuff outside and bury it in the snow. But the less I have to bury, the better.

I'm really going to miss the Internets and cable if they go away. Either or both could go away even if the electricity doesn't go off. In fact my Internet connection is being unreliable right now, as it has been ever since the really cold weather began a few days ago. It comes and goes. Ah, winter is such an arse pain.

Damn, it's cold!

[User Picture]From: saltdawg
2012-12-21 05:28 am (UTC)
If this is the end, I hope you live with Tilapia and Lobster for the rest of your existence.

Much appreciation,</p>


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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2012-12-22 01:07 am (UTC)
I'm sure the end is to be delayed.

In any case, I'll probably live with feral cats for the rest of my existence.
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