rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Buns Off

My Internets keep going away, for five or ten minutes at a time. It must be something to do with the cold. But despite the cold we have gotten no snow, nor any rain either. The current storm so far is a bust. It's all gray and silvery cloud which sometimes descends as a thin fog. It's nice to look at but not to feel. I'm afraid my feral cats might become Manx, as they are sure to freeze their tails off.

Several times today I heard helicopters flying overhead, but I never saw them because they were concealed by the heavy overcast. I have no idea why helicopters would be flying about in a heavy overcast. It seems like it would be dangerous, unless the pilot were equipped with some sort of infrared glasses.

The back lawn is now entirely rid of its leaves, except for a few scattered here and there. They were a bit soggy, but as the day turned out dry I decided that it would be best to take care of them now. There are now two brown wheelie bins stuffed full of leaves. I could probably make a bit more room in one of them by mashing its contents, but I don't think I'll bother. Whatever leaves fall hereafter can just lie there until spring as far as I'm concerned. There are practically none remaining on the trees in any case, and the few still scattered on the lawns I can just pass off as decorative.

Last night was fairly clear, and I intended to go out after midnight and see if I could see any meteors, but I fell asleep and the cat didn't wake me up until almost dawn. By then the sky was overcast. Most likely I'd have seen nothing, and would have gotten frostbite for my pains anyway. I wish the good meteor showers would confine themselves to appearing in mild weather.

It's probably going to rain cold rain on Sunday, and I'll probably get wet when I go shopping. It now looks as though the week will be nothing but rainy, and if we are to have any snow it will wait until the following week. I'd buy two weeks worth of groceries this week, just in case, but there's practically nothing on sale at the stores and I hate to pay full price for stuff that's destined so soon to be stool. Speaking of which, it's too bad I can't burn feces as fuel. I got the November/December gas bill today and just about shat myself when I saw how much it was. I shudder to think what it would have been had I kept the house at a comfortable temperature. Well, I'm going to shudder from the cold anyway, so I might as well let the shuddering do double duty.

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