rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Such a Day

The bare twigs are beaded with drops of water and the verge of the road is lined with small pools. It was raining for hours, but now it is quiet. A few birds have come out and are chirping. The day is colder than I expected. When the rain resumes, it might have a bit of slush mixed in with it. The storm is expected to pass before morning, so there probably won't be any snow, but the feral cats' water bowls will probably freeze over.

Right now I have tea and cookies, but I can't drink tea and eat cookies all day. I'll soon have to find some other compensation for the chill. I could curl up on the couch with a pile of blankets and a purring cat, but that would probably put me to sleep.

Oh, here comes the rain again, and there go the birds. I don't see any slush yet, but any minute now, I'm sure. I'm glad the mug is warm. It keeps my fingers from going numb.

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