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Stuff In the Front Yard [Apr. 11th, 2002|06:44 pm]
[mood |Still half crazy, but calmer]
[music |My cat is snoring]

The blossoms of the fruitless mulberry tree, like brown caterpillers, now thickly carpet the lawn. The tree has shed many twings, as well. I don't rake them up. I like to watch them dry out. They form interesting patterns on the ground. The lichen under the tree is barely visible under all the detritus. A few clumps of bermuda grass poke up from it. There are dandelions on the lawn now. Some of the seed heads are blown, otheres are quivering in the afternoon breeze. There are camellia blossoms littering the walk. Soem are still red, others have withered and turned brown. I like to leave these lie, too. They are like reminders of autumn in the riotous exuberence of spring. White lillies are blooming along the edge of the lawn, under the lilac bushes and the neighbor's small apple tree. I like those plants which have pointy leaves sticking up and flowers on long stalks. There is something very encouraging about them. First Thrust of Green Resolve. That was the title of a painting I saw once. It suits my mood today.

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