rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not Much

If we could win that war on Christmas maybe the stores wouldn't get so zoo-like in December. I could shop for groceries with no more trouble than I do in May. But the mobs now are like a plague of mad elves, some of whom whistle Christmas songs. My teeth were on edge before I even got to the bread aisle. The only thing that got me though the place was the thought of the bargain price for Guinness Black Lager. Next week or the one after there should be a bargain price on the Stout, which will get me through the store that day. The Sunday between Christmas and New Year's Day might not be so hectic. Then the following week it will be 2013, and everything should be back to normal. Everybody's money will be gone and they will stay home in droves.

Aside from the shopping, it was an uncommonly nice day for December. The temperature was in the mid-sixties most of the afternoon, which is perfect. Had I not been shopping I'd have gone for a walk. Tomorrow will be a bit cooler, and I'm sure I'll be able to get some leaves packed into bins. They ought to be dry enough by then. The lawn is very green now under its leafy carpet, but I don't think it has grown enough to need mowing yet. It hardly grows at all in winter. It reminds me a bit of my brain— still alive, but not doing much.

Sunday Verse

Manet's Olympia

by Margaret Atwood

She reclines, more or less,
Try that posture, it's hardly languor.
Her right arm sharp angles.
With her left she conceals her ambush.
Shoes but not stockings,
how sinister. The flower
behind her ear is naturally
not real, of a piece
with the sofa's drapery.
The windows (if any) are shut.
This is indoor sin.
Above the head of the (clothed) maid
is an invisible voice balloon: Slut.

But. Consider the body,
unfragile, defiant, the pale nipples
staring you right in the bull's eye.
Consider also the black ribbon
around the neck. What's under it?
A fine red threadline, where the head
was taken off and glued back on.
The body's on offer,
but the neck's as far as it goes.

This is no morsel.
Put clothes on her and you'd have a schoolteacher,
the kind with the brittle whiphand.

There's someone else in this room.
You, Monsieur Voyeur.
As for that object of yours
she's seen those before, and better.

I, the head, am the only subject
of this picture.
You, Sir, are furniture.
Get stuffed.

View Manet's Olympia

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