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Two dry, mostly sunny days in a row and the leaves are still too wet to pack into the bins. I turned them a bit, so their other sides can get some sun tomorrow. They'll have to be binned on Monday at the latest, as Tuesday will be yard waste pickup day. But I did get the rain gutters unclogged, so they'll be ready by the time the next storm arrives. That will probably be Wednesday, but it will be a brief storm, gone by Thursday. It looks like we're getting one of those late autumns when there is a rainstorm every third day or so, but with sunny days between them. Those aren't so bad. At least its not drought, or the monotony of endless gray skies.

Unfortunately, the forecast says Thursday night and Friday morning are likely to be cloudy, so that will prevent me from seeing the Geminid meteor shower at its peak. This isn't a huge disappointment. It's almost always cloudy here when the Gemenids are flying, so I'm accustomed to not seeing them. It's very uncomfortable watching meteors in the December chill, anyway. If we happen to get a clear night after all, I'll watch them, and if not then I'll find something else to do.

The people next door appear to have stolen away without my noticing. Their garage is empty and their back yard devoid of toys and lawn furniture, and I haven't heard their dog bark for some time. I have no idea when they left, so they were awfully quiet about it. I wonder if they sneaked off without paying their rent? Maybe their landlord doesn't even know they are gone. I haven't seen him around lately either. Well, no skin off my feral cats' noses. They'll be happy to have that yard vacant again, and to not have that dog barking at them. Maybe they'll drop fewer stinky stools in my yard now. I just hope that whoever rents the place next doesn't turn out to be even noisier and doggier than the now-departed were.

On December 6 I discovered that my two-pound block of cheddar had "Best by Dec 6 2012" stamped on the package. Yikes! It crept up on me. I've been downing cheese for the last two days, and though I'll surely get the stuff finished off before it goes anything like bad, I'm going to be heartily sick of cheese for some time to come. I had grated cheese on my chili beans Thursday, grated cheese on my baked potato last night, a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of fried cheese for lunch today, and tonight I'm making macaroni and cheese— with extra cheese. I'd make cheese enchiladas tomorrow, but my enchiladas always turn out like crap. Mexican food seems really simple, but a lot of it is hard to cook right. I've never gotten anything beyond tacos and burritos close to right, and tacos and burritos are more Southwestern than Mexican. I'd sell my left 'nad as a piñata to be able to make decent tamales.

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