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My head was successfully yanked this afternoon despite the two week delay of the event. The next appointment won't be for five weeks, as the Tuesday four weeks hence is New Year's Day. The sessions go a bit easier when I have them every four weeks. Today was a bit rougher than usual, and I was short of sleep as well. so now I'm getting sleepy early. If I let myself take a nap now I probably won't wake up until midnight or so, and then not only will I miss dinner tonight, but tomorrow's schedule will be a mess. Maybe I'll make a cup of tea and see if that keeps me awake, since I have no coffee with caffeine in it. The worst thing would be if I fell asleep while dinner was in the oven. It would burn to a crisp and the house would reek of it for days.

The current rainstorm is supposed to bring five inches, but if it does then it has a lot of catching up to do. Not only did the rain start later than expected today, but it's been merely drizzly for much of the day. The storm is supposed to pass late tomorrow evening, and probably has four inches to go to reach the predicted amount. That would bring some pretty fierce downpours of the sort that overflow the roof's gutters and create standing pools in the yard and the front part of the garage where the floor has settled, probably due to a decaying tree root under it.

The downpours of the night before last flooded the garage enough to partly soak a couple of boxes of books I had stored there. I've got the books in the house now, drying off, and I don't think I've got any more vulnerable boxes out there, but a downpour heavy enough might reach farther into the garage. I've moved those boxes that are light enough, but a few others would have to be opened and their contents moved piecemeal, and I just don't have the energy for that task tonight.

Once this storm passes we'll probably have at least a week of dry weather, though the nights are going to get very cold. It's a good thing that this weather didn't arrive in spring after a snowy winter. If that ever happens, the central valley will be one big lake, and big chunks of Sacramento and other cities might well end up under several feet of water. It would sure make good television, though.

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