rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tangoed Up In Blue

There are plenty of leaves to rake, but they are far to wet to be stuffed into bins, so I just turned them a bit to let the afternoon sun dry the other side of them. I don't know why I bothered, since the rain will be back by tomorrow and they'll just get wet again. I am no stranger to pointless activities. That's not bragging, it's just a fact. If I got back all the time I've spent on pointless activities, I'd have the greater part of my life to live over again. Getting that time back would probably be the ultimate pointless activity, though, as I'm pretty sure what I'd end up doing with it.

If I sounded unduly cheerful yesterday it was despite the fact that Sunday was a pretty crappy day overall. Not only did I have to deal with the weekly grocery shopping, but I ended up burning a pot of beans I was cooking for dinner, and then had to spend time sorting the burned beans from the unburned beans, and then getting the pot cleaned. The beans turned out fairly tasty anyway, but they gave me indigestion. It was the perfect end to an imperfect day.

Tomorrow, if nothing intervenes, I will at long last be getting my head yanked about by my chiropractor one again. If I do get out, I will almost surely get wet, as the next storm is gathering even now. It is expected to last for two days. In that last twenty minutes, the clouds have obliterated all but a fraction of the blue sky we earlier enjoyed, and I expect raindrops, if not hail, to fall any minute now. I hope this storm is not as intense as the last one. So much rain fell over the last few days that parts of the Sacramento River are within five or six feet of flood stage. That this has been accomplished in so short a time, and with no snow melt to contribute to it, is astonishing. It's shaping up to be a strange rainy season.

To compensate for my crappy Sunday I went looking for stuff to listen to on YouTube, and came across a 1981 recording by The Tango Project of Jacob Gade's 1925 ubertango, Jalousie. It's remarkable how much sound a trio of violin, piano, and accordion (or is it a bandoneón?) can turn out when they really want to.

For lovers of Danish tango, Jalousie.

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