rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It turns out that from Thursday evening to Friday evening we got almost five inches of rain here. No wonder the power kept going out. Today was fairly moderate, but only by comparison. In a typical autumn, today's weather would have been intense. Tonight and the first half of tomorrow are supposed to bring the biggest storm yet. Yikes. I'll be lucky if the soggy part of the ceiling doesn't come crashing down.

If we survive this assault, Monday should be remarkably pleasant, with thick clouds and very little rain, but on Tuesday the heavy rain will probably be back. With all this flamboyant storming, there's still hardly any snow pack forming in the mountains. By the time winter gets here, we'll probably have used up all the water in the Pacific ocean and we'll never get any snow.

The parts of this soggy mess I'm enjoying are the periods of mist and the periods of fog. There were quite a few of those today. The trees look very nice with mist and fog, and even the bland houses of the neighborhood take on an almost romantic appearance when wet and wreathed in chilly vapor. Now that's what autumn is supposed to be like.

The Internets keep coming and going, probably because all the telephone company's cables are wet. I'd better post this while I've got a signal. With luck, I'll be able to fetch a few pages to read as well.

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