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Blow Me Down [Nov. 29th, 2012|02:49 pm]
After an overnight lull in the storm and a dry morning under gray clouds, fierce south wind arrived and sent mulberry leaves fluttering northward all the way across my yard. Portia watched them from the window. She wanted to go out, but I didn't let her, as I knew the rain would follow the wind almost immediately. It did, and now the leaves are being battered to the ground by a downpour.

This afternoon and tonight are supposed to bring the heaviest rain of the week. It will remain wet through Saturday night, and maybe most of Sunday as well, but the temperature will not vary more than a degree or two from 50 in all that time. The chill does not please me, but better that the furnace should have to warm the house by 16 or 18 degrees for three or four days straight than by 30 degrees.

What with the wind, I'm concerned about power outages, of course. I've got oven-related dinners planned for the next four nights. I really wish this house had a gas oven instead of electric. I really wish the roof was already patched, too. The smell of wet cellulose insulation is getting to me.

Back to the living room.