rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Wind has denuded the walnut tree and is rapidly tearing leaves from the oaks. The mulberry has lost many leaves as well, but retains more than lie beneath it. If the sun emerged, the mulberry would still provide decent shade, but the sun is unlikely to emerge for a long time. There has been rain throughout the day, and the leaky roof has left my room smelling like wet newspaper again. The heaviest rain is expected later in the week. If my ceiling is going to collapse, that's when it will happen. The mountains could get twenty inches of rain over the next week, and we're apt to get close to that much even here in the higher foothills.

The Big Bag of Oranges I bought Sunday has been a source of cheer in the gray atmosphere. I've eaten three today, and put a few bits of the peel down the garbage disposal to make the kitchen smell nice. I've also had tea and lemon cookies, and then later I made some hot cocoa. In fact I've eaten so many snacks today that I am not hungry at all and will probably have to delay dinner until eight o'clock or later. If the wind gets stronger and knocks a tree into the power lines I might have to delay dinner until the electricity comes back. So far the lights have remained on, though.

This end of the house not only smells of wet newspaper, but it is terribly drafty, so I'm going to abandon the computer and go watch television from under a pile of blankets. All that will be lacking is a fire in the fireplace. I must see about getting some wood delivered.

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