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Nearing [Nov. 27th, 2012|05:31 pm]
The cats woke me early enough that I had time to rake the front lawn before the trash truck arrived, so two bins of leaves went away today. You'd never know from looking at the front lawn that it was raked just nine hours ago. The mulberry tree has already dropped hundreds of leaves, and within a day or two the golden carpet will be back, hiding the grass completely. It will have to remain at least through the next weekend, because of the rain that is expected.

Raking didn't do my neck any good. After missing my appointment with the chiropractor last Tuesday, I had hoped to get an appointment this week, but he was going out of town, so I won't get to have my head yanked about until next Tuesday. I can tell it's going to be a rough week, because my neck is already catching when I turn my head certain ways. It doesn't help that it's going to be getting pretty cold— not cold enough for snow, but certainly cold enough that putting a cold pack on my tricky neck will be extra unpleasant, should it become necessary.

The weather service has issued a flood advisory for much of the region. It doesn't really flood seriously here on the ridge, although some of the streams can overtop the culverts under roads when there are heavy downpours, but there could be flooding in parts of the valley. Autumn floods are unusual. The valley is most apt to flood during heavy winter storms, or in spring if warm, late season rains combine with snowmelt from the mountains.

In my neighborhood, the worst thing likely to happen from heavy rain is a new crop of potholes opening up in streets and driveways, or the occasional tree being knocked down by a skidding car. If the tree hits a power line there can be an outage, and that's the thing I'd least like to have happen. I can endure being stuck in the house as long as I still have cable and Internets.

Just before dusk the clouds began to move in. It will probably begin raining before dawn, and it could be a very long time before it stops.

The cats are really going to hate this week.