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Defiance [Nov. 13th, 2012|03:47 pm]
There are lots of crows hanging around this afternoon. Their caws make the gray day seem even grayer. Yes, it's caws and effect! (sorry.) Now and then the part of the sky where the sun is hiding will brighten up enough to make the leaves shine and lend the red and yellow maple leaves a vivid glow.

Despite the overcast there hasn't been any rain, which is too bad, as reflective pavement would make the scene even nicer. But even without a wet street it's all very enjoyable, as long as I don't have to go outside. The air is just cold enough to make me uncomfortable, even with my hoodie turned up and wearing a jacket over it.

Tomorrow might be slightly warmer, but I won't count on it. One can never be entirely sure just what November will do. In case it turns even colder I have plenty of canned soup on hand, and onions and broth with which to make my own onion soup (onion soup from a can or a dry packet being an abomination.) The cold will be defied!