rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A brief but furious hailstorm woke me late this morning, and the sight of a white lawn did not enhance my sleep-dazed mind. I've been shivering ever since, even when the hail melted, the rain stopped, and a few rays of sunlight penetrated the clouds for a while.

The birds are handling the day better than I am. Dozens of them are flying about, chirping, disturbing the remaining leaves on the trees, and flocking to the ground to peck at it. They seem happy enough, but perhaps they are only anxious. On the other hand, maybe it would cheer me up if I ate some worms, too.

The cold is bringing down more leaves. The back lawn I raked a couple of days ago is almost buried again, but the walnut tree still has an abundance of leaves that haven't even begun to turn yellow. It's going to be a long raking season. Tomorrow will probably be much like today, as will the day after that, and the day after that. Clouds and rain as far as the satellite can see. And there's winter, still half of autumn away.

The sky looks nice, though.

But it looks nice in Hawaii, too.

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