rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Given Leaves

The back lawn is getting a fresh coat of leaves. The oaks are still dropping them, and now the walnut tree is beginning to shed. I've found no more walnuts for the last couple of days though. That's fine. I certainly have enough to last through the winter, and the squirrels have plenty too.

I haven't found any more cicadas, either, so the feral cats must be doing their job. Most years I find at least half a dozen dying cicadas each morning this time of year. The kitties are putting them out of their misery, and being rewarded with some extra protein. Best of all, the nights are blessedly silent once again. Well, silent if you don't count the chattering of my teeth whenever I go out.

Tonight will be the coldest night of the season so far. It's going to get into the low forties. But Monday could be downright hot, getting up into the low eighties. It's a November surprise! It won't last long, though. Late next week there is likely to be rain again, and the nights will get down into the thirties. If this keeps up we could end up having snow before December.

We've got some clouds tonight, and the moon is just past the full. I might bundle up and go out to watch the celestial light show for a while. I can provide the musical accompaniment with my dental castanets.

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