rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sky spent most of the day threatening rain, but didn't make good on the threat until four o'clock in the afternoon. Since then there has been one of those steady, monotonous, autumn rains that is always a bit more than a drizzle but never very much more. If any kids were going to go out looking for candy tonight their plans have been spoiled. I doubt any will show up. Most years there are few to none anyway, though a couple of houses on the block usually have a bit of decoration out. This year its only the house around the corner with its annual witch who slammed into a tree on her broomstick.

I was going to have macaroni and cheese for dinner, but opened a package of Doritos about four o'clock and lost control. Now I'm not hungry. I'll probably get hungry about eleven, by which time I'll be too tired to cook. At least I don't have any Halloween candy to eat. I'd make myself sick for sure.

The rain might continue tomorrow, but the weekend could be dry and mild. Late next week, probably more rain and then some serious cold air coming through. It's about to get wintry. I'm not looking forward to it, especially as early as November. Winter ought to have the decency to hold off until Christmas, at least. The early arrival of the swans and geese this year has me thinking we might be in for a long cold season. Well, I'll appreciate the spring all the more for that, assuming I survive.

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