rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Surf's Up

HMS Bounty reported lost to storm. This was the over-sized replica built for the 1962 movie Mutiny on the Bounty, which later appeared in other movies including the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The "Current Location" page of the ship's official web site fetches an error message. I guess GPS doesn't transmit through water.

It looks as though Sandy isn't going to have winds as strong as the New England hurricane of 1938, or storm surge as high, but it's going to hit a much larger area. Damage from the 1938 storm was concentrated in New England, where winds topped 120 mph and the storm surge ranged from 14 to 25 feet. Downtown Providence was flooded with several feet of water, and the storm surge flooded other coastal cities as well. Inland areas were flooded from the heavy rains.

Coastal flooding probably won't be as bad in New England this time, but there will undoubtedly be flooding over a much wider area. It could last longer, too. The 1938 storm moved pretty fast, but Sandy is slow. The storm and its aftermath will probably dominate the news for the next few days, unless something bigger happens somewhere else. No, the Giants winning the world series isn't big enough anywhere but San Francisco.

Meanwhile, all of our clouds have vanished, and the rain that was due on Tuesday has been postponed until Wednesday or, more likely, Thursday. I guess nature doesn't have a drop to spare, as all the water in the sky is going to be dropped on the northeast. But just in case there's a bit extra, I've gotten my gutters and downspouts cleaned out. One of the downspouts was clogged with mud that smelled like it was about 40% bird crap. I'm glad that job is over and done with. Until next year, of course.

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