rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

LJ Being Pokey

I logged in a couple of times today just to read, and the site was being rather slow both times. It still is a bit slow. Or is Sluggo beginning to act up again? I can never tell.

Anywhat. i get tired of saying anyway.

After missing my walk for three days running, I got out this afternoon in a day both overcast and warm. Had it also been still, rather than a bit breezy, it would have been what my grandmother used to call "earthquake weather." The superstition that such a thing existed was common among Californians of her generation. I personally have never experienced any large earthquakes except at night, or, rather, very early in the morning, before dawn, and the weather has usually been what other people would consider pleasant.

In truth, I consider earthquake weather pleasant, and enjoyed my walk in the grey spring afternoon. Lilacs are now in full bloom everywhere, and their scent drifts among the new lush green of the trees accompanied by the incessant song of birds. In spite of the delightful splashes of color everywhere, it is the green that is the glory of the season. The dark greens of the ponderosas and the grey greens of the olive trees and the blue greens of the manzanita have dominated the scene all winter, but now there are many lighter and brighter shades from oak and maple and birch and dozens of varieties of bushes and flowering plants. I find this the most enjoyable time of year for walking. I hope I have time for more of it tomorrow.

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