rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chilled Out

Three cicadas are wriggling about in the sink on the back porch. They can't fly anymore and will die in the sink if I don't remove them. It will be faster for them if the feral cats find them and eat them. Otherwise they just keep wriggling, wherever they are, until they run out of energy and die. I'd prefer the cats to find them in the sink. Moving them is a gross chore. I'm sure there will be more of them tomorrow morning, too. The dying of the cicadas usually lasts for a couple of weeks. They annoy me with their racket all through late summer and then they gross me out in mid-autumn. I do not like the cicadas. I also can't believe that the feral cats are wasting all that protein. Maybe they find cicadas as gross as I do.

There's a possibility that I won't have to get wet when I go to the chiropractor this afternoon. There has been little rain today, though it was fierce at times overnight. We've even had a few minutes of sunlight now and then since about ten o'clock. I'll have to get wet before I go out, though, since I didn't take a shower last night. The house was just too cold. It's still too cold, so I'll have to put the thermostat up to 68 or so. I hate to do that, as I'll be so reluctant to lower it to 64 again once the shower is over. Once I enjoy the luxury of an almost-warm room for a few minutes it will be very difficult to give it up.

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