rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Sluggo has been behaving so nicely since I cleaned his fan that I have decided to take advantage of the situation and go poking about other parts of the web. There are things I would like to download from Webshots before they vanish. There used to be a much larger collection of paintings there, but almost everything modern is gone. I suspect the copyright police. Museums seem to be guarding their collections much more carefully. I can understand why they don't want everything available from free sites. They could raise a lot of funds by selling digital copies of works in their collections. Still, I'm going to go out and nab what I can while it still exists. So I probably won't have as much time to post things here for a few days. I need to recharge, anyway. Reality tends to look pretty much the same from day to day around here, and I get bored writing about the same things over and over. Let's see if I can find something new.

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