rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not Yet Dampened

The eastern desert sent us a warm wind early this morning, shaking the leaves and sending acorns rattling down rooftops. The acorns have been falling all day. This is the noisiest crop in years. So far the tree in my yard and those overhanging it have not begin dropping any, but the trees that overhang the metal-roofed garage of my back fence neighbor have sounded as though they were auditioning to be drummers in a band. The squirrels and woodpeckers must be overjoyed.

My walnut tree is also dropping a lot of nuts, but they fall on the lawn or the dirt beyond the jasmine hedge, so I don't hear them. I was surprised to discover this evening that most of the walnuts have lost their tough outer skins all on their own this year. That's a rare occurrence, too. Most years the skins have to be removed by force, but this evening the lawn was littered with nuts that had their pristine shells fully exposed. Quite a few of the nuts are uncommonly small this year, but I don't think that will make them any less tasty. I'm going to gather all the nuts that have their shells exposed, and leave those still clinging to their skins for the squirrels.

The warm early breeze and the balmy day left the house quite warm this evening. It's cooling off outdoors now, but the house is still a pleasant 72 degrees. As soon as I post this entry I'll close the windows and it should stay warm enough for shirtsleeves in here until morning approaches. But the brief Indian Summer is about over. There will be two more mild days, and then the cold will arrive. The chance of rain Tuesday night is up to 80% now, and there could be over an inch of it. The unpatched roof is apt to get its first workout of the year, and so is the furnace. Hello, autumn.

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