rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Of Bugs and Leaks

It's getting dark too early. Cicadas start buzzing not long after six o'clock. They won't be buzzing much longer, though. Some very chilly weather will arrive next week, and the cicadas will start dying off. They'll be wriggling about in the back porch sink,unless the feral cats do a better job of picking them off this year than they have in the past. There's not much hope of that, though. Those cats are too well fed. They turn up their noses at mere bugs.

There's a chance of rain by next week, too, but I have mixed feelings about that. Rain would be very nice, and the lawn could use it, but the roof on this end of the house has never been patched. That leak is bound to cause trouble. I must remember to move the stuff that's in the part of the room most likely to develop drips, and then keep a close eye on the computer. I've got some big coffee cans ready, and should worse come to worse there are a couple of waterproof tarps available— though those, of course, would merely redirect the water to other parts of the room. In the end, as I can't afford to replace it altogether (which it needs), the roof must be repaired.

Recently, my dinner has been late far more often than not, but today I've reached a new milestone: I haven't had my lunch yet. I kept getting distracted. Well, missing meals is one way to save money toward the property tax, and it's not as though I couldn't afford to lose a couple of inches off of my waist and/or ass. Then I could save a few more dollars by digging out some of the old pants that don't fit me anymore. I still have some 32s that are in better condition than the 34s I've been wearing.


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