rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Academic Men Explain Things to Me. Academic women relate experiences with obtuse male academics who believe in their own superiority. Some of the tales are as LOL funny, as we say on the Internets, as they are shocking. How are guys with PHDs that thick-witted and obnoxious? The site is inspired by Rebecca Solnit's essay Men Explain Things to Me.

  • Day Out

    Tuesday I was not at my best, but I still went out and made a bank deposit (ATM) and shopped in a couple of stores. My niece had picked up a few…

  • Reset Twenty-One, Day Thirty-One

    Monday didn't get particularly smoky here, but by afternoon we could see the enormous pyrocumulus clouds hanging over the mountains. Reports say the…

  • Reset Twenty-One, Day Thirty

    Sunday morning I actually did manage to get to sleep before the sun came up, and then slept with only a couple of interruptions until about half past…

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