rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Happy National Feral Cat Day (thanks to lirianna for letting me know about it.) As I had no idea it was coming, I failed to get anything for my feral cats. I hope they aren't expecting tuna or catnip or baskets of fresh laundry to soil. None will be available to them. Perhaps I'll give them my empty toilet paper roll to play with.

They've had toilet paper rolls before, and appeared to enjoy them, but they always end up knocking thee rolls into flower beds and such places, where they eventually get soggy and fall apart. Maybe they'll appreciate a fresh one. Of course if I really wanted to treat them I could give them a full toilet paper roll, but I can imagine what my yard would look like after half an hour, so that's right out.

At least they are going to get a warm, dry day, and they'll be able to talk to me through the open windows. Unfortunately, this is also trash day, and they greatly dislike the noise the trash trucks make coming by. One of the trucks already made its pickup, but I missed it. I forgot to put the bin out last night, and didn't wake up in time to put it out this morning. In fact it was the trash truck that woke me up today. I guess the cats were sleeping in, too. You'd think that at least Portia would have gotten me up in time. It isn't her day, after all.

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