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Late today some clouds came to give the sun a canvas to paint as it set. A mild evening accompanied them, so it was pleasant to sit outside and watch the colors change; pink and rose deepening to red and orange and finally purple as dusk ate the sky. Now the clouds float invisibly, as the moon has gone round to the earth's other side with the sun. The moonlessness is a misfortune, as the night remains mild and would be perfect for watching moonlit clouds.

The night would also be perfect for watching meteors, but alas there are no meteor showers tonight. I missed the Draconids, which peaked on October 7-8 (brrrr), and reportedly put on a good show this year; and the Orionids won't peak until the morning of October 21. The moon will be only in its first quarter then, so won't interfere at that hour, but the nights are likely to have turned cold again, and perhaps even stormy.

But several days just ahead promise to be pleasant— maybe the last such of the year. I intend to take full advantage of them. I'll try to remember the Orionids, too. I don't know if my memory can be set a full week ahead anymore, though.

Sunday Verse

Face in the Window

By Bill Knott

I am a modest house, a house solely
notable for the fact I lived here once.
Its brass plaque depicts an oxygen eye
in which two pupils of hydrogen dance.

Downstairs is where I lit fires whose insights
with approach-velocity froze me, then
singed off into flame. This always happened when
I came close to a truth. Months passed. Years. Nights.

Shall I accommodate myself again,
a humble aquarium of lordly
thumbs, some fin de species? Of course each word

the blackout-moth mutters to my keyboard
shows the snowiest letter on this page is "I"—
must I now plumb its one remaining pane?


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