rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Evening was considerably warmer than morning. A period of Indian summer is on the way. I might even be able to abandon the hoodie tomorrow, but I'll still be needing extra blankets tonight. But the couple of cold nights have put some color on the dogwood trees. They will be partly red through the coming mild days, and won't flaunt their full autumn color until the weather turns chilly again.

I won't be displeased if that event is two weeks away, but it will most likely be no more than one week. My last really small gas & electric bill of the year arrived today. The longer the weather stays mild now, the smaller the leap of the next bill will be. One mild week extra could easily knock ten or twelve dollars off of it. I can't do that by turning out my energy-efficient lights. I could probably do it by turning off the computer and the television, but then I'd come unglued from what I take to be reality, and there's no telling what would happen then.

Oh, and the cirrus clouds were nice today, too. I do love the autumnal cirrus.

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