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It Burns, It Burns! [Oct. 12th, 2012|08:41 pm]
Today we had swarms of squirrels running about gathering nuts. This was the chilliest day of the season so far, and I guess the little rodents got into a panic over the apparent onset of winter. The weather is apt to warm up again for a few days, and then they can relax until the next cold day. By then they'll probably have snagged all the nuts from my walnut tree, though.

And yes, I finally had to turn the furnace on last night. I've got it set at 64 degrees. That's too cold for being indoors, but I need to save almost $700 more for property tax by January, and heat is one of the things I'll have to cut back on. That's why I'm hoping for a fairly mild autumn. I might be able to score some free firewood, but as the fireplace hasn't been used in 26 years I don't know how safe it will be to build a fire in it. The previous owners of the house might not have had it cleaned before they sold the place, so there could be all sorts of flammable crap coating the inside of the chimney. I want the house to be warm, but not crumbly.

My dinner is late again, due largely to the fact that I forgot to put the yam in the oven until almost eight o'clock. It ought to be done in half an hour or so, so it's probably time to start preparing the rest of the stuff. This will be the first yam I've had since the last cool spell of spring. I'm going to put so much butter on it! The fat ought to help warm me up.