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Chilled [Oct. 9th, 2012|08:41 pm]
The house never got above 64 degrees today, but I haven't turned the furnace on. I might have to later tonight, as it will probably drop below 60 in here. It dropped to 60 early this morning, but I was asleep under a pile of blankets when it happened so I didn't know. When I woke up I was tempted to use some heat, but resisted and just waited for the sun to warm things up. Then I opened the windows and turned on the fan, but even though the day reached the high sixties, seven hours was not long enough to get the house above 64. Now I'm sitting here wearing a hoodie and thinking about the half dollar I probably saved by staying uncomfortable all day. There's a good possibility that I'm an uncomfortable dolt.


For years I was waiting for the Huntington Library to start putting some of its historic photographs of Southern California online. I got tired of waiting and so quit paying attention. At some point they finally got around to it. Plus there are some other things from their collections— not just the other photo collections, but prints and ephemera, maps, manuscripts, rare books (just a bit of Blake and Shakespeare and some English broadside ballads so far), lithographs, and other things. I haven't had a chance to look through much of it yet, but the Huntington has some of the most interesting collections of any library, so I'm re-excited at the prospect of digging in to The Huntington Digital Library. But, damn, it sure took them long enough to go digital.