rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Now that it's almost fully dark by seven o'clock each evening, I find myself rushing to do the outdoor tasks I left too late. The yard needs less irrigation when the days are cool, but lately it's been getting almost none, as I usually don't get started on the task until the light is almost gone. The feral cats are probably displeased at this, as a couple of times I've ended up getting one or another of them wet because they were nearly invisible among the shrubs in the dim light. I'm sure they'd prefer that I did no watering at all after dusk.

I also keep forgetting to open the windows once the day warms up. My mind is still stuck in summer, and all that fresh autumn afternoon air is going to waste. Often, the house could use that fresh air, too, because Portia has been dropping some real stinkers into the litter box lately. Her diet hasn't changed, so I don't know what's causing it, but some of them to make the whole house reek. Maybe it's just her way of reminding me to get the windows open, but if so I wish she'd do it during the mild part of the day instead of early in the morning while it's still cold out, or late in the afternoon when there are only a few minutes of warmth left.

Despite a morning gray with a promising overcast there was no rain today after all. It's not surprising, but it was a bit disappointing. It's going to be partly cloudy for the next few days, but no rain is predicted. Friday could bring fog, though. I always enjoy the first fog of the year. I probably won't be getting to open the windows much, though, since the days will be turning too cool, and I don't want to start running the furnace at night this soon. I suppose it won't be long before I'll be missing summer and complaining about the chill. We ought to be getting at least a dozen or so more mild days in October, but some years just don't work out that way. Any stray mild days that do arrive will, of course, be welcomed with delight.

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