rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Nice Day and a Number of Numbers

Another mild day, but I forgot to open the windows to take advantage of it. Now it's five o'clock in the evening and the house still has a bit of last night's chill in it. I was going to open it up at noon, but somebody was mowing a lawn nearby and I didn't want the fumes coming in, and then later I just forgot to do it, and later still I failed to resist the onset of another nap. It's too bad. Once the mower was turned off the air would soon have smelled of freshly cut grass, which is an enjoyable scent.

Now that I've opened the windows the air smells of dinners being cooked. Somebody is going to have something redolent of garlic, and somebody else is barbecuing. I think I smell refried beans, too, but the garlic and barbecue are overwhelming it. I won't be adding anything to it as I've got sandwich materials that must be used up before they go bad, and sandwich materials are not highly aromatic.

Right now the late sun has allowed me to see that a couple of the smaller branches of the mulberry tree are festooned with dense spider webs. I don't see any spiders, but they must have been busy for quite some time to produce so much web. I think I won't be walking under that tree for a while.

The reason I had the unintended nap this afternoon is that I woke up at half past three this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I'd only been asleep for a bit over four hours, too, which seems to be the maximum length of my sleep periods anymore. Now, despite the afternoon nap, I'm still yawning frequently. But that might be as much due to the house having been closed up and stuffy all day as to last night's abbreviated sleep. And me with only decaffeinated coffee. Maybe I'll make some tea as soon as the evening cools off. I've still got one donut from the package that I bought last Sunday, now stale enough that it could only be improved by dunking.

My latest telephone bill was smaller than usual, due to credits from previous overcharges, but the are still charing me $28.00 a month for the Internet service which I was told would be $19.00 a month for the next year. I have to call at&t again and see what gives with the taking. They also bumped up the cost of my long distance service by about 50%. I might switch to one of the alternate providers. I'm leaning toward TCI, which has low intrastate rates in California (less than a quarter of what I pay per minute now), and no monthly minimum charge or monthly fees. I could buy an extra six pack of Sierra Nevada every five weeks with the savings.

The lovely clouds we had yesterday failed to make an appearance today. They ought to be back by Monday, though, as there is still chance of rain that day, though it's been lowered from 50% to 20%. If it comes it will be the first rain of autumn, and that always delights me, especially since October rain is usually fairly warm rain. I might even go out and walk around in it.

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