rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We are about to have another heat wave. October is going to start off hot. We ought to be getting some pleasant fall days in the seventies by now, but instead we'll be getting more of those summery days in the nineties. Even the nights are going to get warm again. I guess I'll have to put off baking brownies, and the plants are going to need more irrigating. With luck, October's second week will be brownie-baking weather, but I'm not going to count on it.

The first full moon of autumn arrives tomorrow, but tonight's moon is so big that it might as well be full. It's going to be very bright out. The feral cats are going to love it. The raccoons will probably love it, too, and I expect to hear them scrambling over the fence more than once tonight. They'll undoubtedly befoul the cats' water bowls again, too. I've had to rinse mud out of them every day for the last week.

Oak leaves are littering the back lawn in larger numbers. I already raked them up once this year, but it's almost time for another raking. If the lawn was entirely dead I'd just leave them, but there are still quite a few green patches, bought at considerable expense of water, and I don't want them to be deprived of sunlight. I think I'll wait for the hottest days to pass before removing them, though. They'll slow the evaporation of that costly irrigation water a bit.

Something has been making me sneeze a lot today. I'm glad the fall allergens are not as potent as the spring allergens.

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