rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Goodbye, Summer

Jarhead seems to be feeling a bit better today. She's getting surly with the other cats again, and she's eating. Meanwhile, Timmy had an adventure in the front yard this afternoon. The neighbors' large dog got out and chased her up the mulberry tree. When the neighbor got the dog back into its own yard, Timmy leaped from the tree and took off running in the opposite direction. I haven't seen her since. Portia got to see the whole thing from my window, and was quite shocked. If she could write, she'd be sending an angry letter about irresponsible dog owners to the newspaper.

This evening I actually managed to get dinner ready at five o'clock, but only by skipping lunch so I would be really hungry. That means I've still got my lunch beer, so I can have it with a late snack (assuming can I stay awake long enough to have a snack.) Safeway has a sale on big blocks of cheddar this week, so maybe I'll use up the old block before it starts to go sour on me. Mmmm, fried cheese and beer and Friday night television. Does life get any better? Does it? Please?

Alas, the weather report has been revised and weekend highs will not be below eighty degrees after all. Equinox Fail! I'm going to write an angry letter about irresponsible atmospheric pressure systems to the newspaper.

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