rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Forgot My Subject Line

Even in this backwater, my environment has Attention-demanding Surplus Disorder. It's partly my own fault, having as I do both cable television and Internet, plus a daily newspaper, a few magazine subscriptions that haven't run out yet, and a collection of cats. Things can be especially trying when a cat and a computer get together. Blind paws are not meant to use keyboards.

I'm less to blame for other annoyances. I choose to have the telephone, for example, as it's needful for such things as making appointments and reporting emergencies, but I'd rather not have the junk phone calls that come every day despite my number being on the national no-call list. Then there are those things that are beyond my control, such as the kids in the neighborhood (get off my lawn!) with thumpy sound systems in their cars, who always seem to stop and adjust their shorts (or whatever it is they do when they stop moving for a minute or two for no apparent reason) very near my house.

Most annoying this time of year is of course the buzzing cicadas (yes, I'm going to complain about them every day until they are all dead.) Were I to take a notion to think, unlikely as that may be, these obnoxious bugs would make it impossible for me to hear myself do so. I try to experience their racket as simple white noise of the sort that's supposed to help one relax, but I just can't. Were cicadas large enough to be easily found, I'd be outside stomping the noise out of them right now.

Aside from these and all the other irritating things that vie for my attention, it's been fairly nice recently. I still get an occasional whiff of smoke from some un-extinguished fire, but the air has been mostly clean. By evening the house is still getting uncomfortably warm, but it's pleasant most of the day and soon cools off once I get the windows open in the evenings. In short, I'll take September over August any time.

Plus I was able to get cat food today, so the kitties won't have to choose between starvation and slaughtering defenseless sleeping birds. I hope the acorn woodpeckers will be grateful and will entertain me with their antics tomorrow as a reward. The cats, of course, are never grateful. They are cats, after all, and see all attentions as merely their due.

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