rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Dinner is late again and the cicadas are driving me crazy. I should thank them for waking me up from the unintended nap, but I can't. If only the constant racket weren't so irritating. It might be their pitch that annoys me so much. Noises of a certain pitch make the inside of my skin crawl. Certain notes do it when whistled, for example, and the voices of some small children when they screech. Fingernails on a blackboard don't bother me much, but cicadas, oy. I don't know anybody else who is so annoyed by the same things that annoy me. My ears must be tuned abnormally.

Cat food was on sale Sunday, but the store was out. I got a rain check, but I'm going to run out sometime tomorrow. The feral cats will get breakfast, but no dinner unless I get more food. If the store with the sale doesn't get in a new stock, I'll have to buy some at the regular price somewhere else tomorrow afternoon. I've managed not to pay full price for anything for several weeks now, and I hate to break the streak, but the kitties must eat. They eat a lot, too.

The Internets have seemed damaged today. Practically every page I've opened has had something missing from it, or has had a notice that some feature is down for maintenance. Most of those that that haven't been obviously broken have seemed much slower than usual. Maybe the Internet is wearing out. But LJ has been a rare exception, which surprises me. It's been doing fine. Come to think of it, I don't think we've even had a DOS attack for quite some time. I wonder what they're finally doing right?

I'm getting light-headed and have to go eat something.

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