rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Real Gone

Apparently during the week I was without Internets I got out of the habit of posting an entry every day. I totally forgot to do it yesterday— and I was going to tell August not to let the door hit it in the arse on its way out, too. Now August is gone and left unscolded.

I also forgot to close the windows last night, and I woke up this morning to a house that was delightfully chilly. Low sixties chilly, in fact. It was a great, though unintended, way to welcome the new month. I actually had to put on a hoodie for a couple of hours, and the house never got much above seventy even during the hottest part of the afternoon. It feels like summer is finally going to give way to autumn. The best part of summer is when it's ending.

Oh, damn, but all those leaves I'm going to have to rake up!

Well, that's not yet, and because the evening is cooling rapidly tonight I can fire up the oven. There's lasagna. I haven't eaten lasagna in months because baking it heats up the house. Tonight I'll eat my lasagna and I just won't think about the leaves until they have covered up the lawn, which probably won't be for a few weeks yet. Then I'll let them lie there for a couple of weeks longer because who wants to look at a dead, brown lawn anyway? With luck I'll be able to put off the raking until well into October.

I just hope the yard doesn't catch fire.

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