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Ready [Aug. 29th, 2012|07:50 pm]
Feral cats keep barging into the house and engaging in frolic among themselves. This greatly displeases Portia. Today, cats ate from her food bowl, drank from her water bowl, crapped in her litter box, and got their smell all over her territory. It's a wonder she isn't shredding the furniture from anxiety (and to to punish me for allowing this intrusion.) Instead, she is insisting on more lap time, probably as reassurance that she is not about to be evicted. Poor kitty.

I've cut back on the irrigation of the back lawn in anticipation of early rain this year. The odds are against it, but I don't want another costly water bill. If no rain falls until after September then the back lawn will just have to turn brown and stay that way, as the front lawn already has. But I'm hoping for a repeat of 1986, when a downpour preceded the autumnal equinox by several days. If the weather follows a more common pattern, though, the lawn will be brown until December, and perhaps even into January.

For now the days remain sultry, and the evening sky is usually hazed but without a trace of clouds, and it will probably be like this for at least another week. The cicadas have begun buzzing, too. I turn the music or the television louder to drown them out. I'm so ready for summer to be over.