rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I've pretty much caught up with what happened while I was gone. There was less stuff than I'd feared there would be. Had I been offline for a week a few years ago I probably wouldn't have caught up ever, but LJ is so much less active now that it only took a couple of hours, and that was spent mostly on feeds. It made me nostalgic for the golden age when there were as many new posts every day as it now takes a week to accumulate.

Today was a chiropractic head-yanking day, and it went quite well. On the way home I was able to stop at Safeway and pick up a few things that could be bought at the best price only with information from the Internets which I didn't have Sunday. Now I won't run out of tortilla chips to put under my chili beans nor cheese to put on top of them. Alas that there was no bargain sour cream available.

Dusk is now well advanced by eight o'clock in the evening. It's a reminder that we are less than a month from the autumnal equinox. Aside from that hit the days still seem very summery, though less intense than earlier in the month. I got a very good casaba last week, and now there is watermelon. There could be decent peaches and plums again before the season ends, too. The thing I miss is apricots. The stores have sales one very other kind of summer fruit, but never on apricots. I might have to be extravagant and buy some at the regular price, or summer will pass without one of my favorite fruits.

While without Internets, I began re-reading Jane Austen, and now I'm in the middle of Sense and Sensibility, which I feel compelled to finish now that I'm caught up here. It will have to come out of my television time, which is no great loss. In fact I might cut back on the television time for quite a while. A reading light uses way less energy than a cathode ray tube anyway. Portia will be displeased, though. She wonders why a useless inanimate object is so frequently taking her place in my lap. If she really wants it back she should get a part time job and pay to get me some more movie channels from the cable company.

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